Leeza + me – that’s a wrap!

September 17, 2012

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Leeeeeza! One of my greatest friends and best second shooter I could ever ask for. Supportive in so many ways and always the first to tell me “e your crazy…. but, IM IN!”. I count my lucky stars I met you so long ago at camera club for seniors (yes really). Thank you for another smokin’ wedding season!


This is what Leeza looks like doing what she does best : )

And this is the happy girl when I announce “that’s a wrap!!” and turn the lens on her…. : )


And for ONCE (thanks to a comfortably warm Victoria day) we were not hot sweaty messes at the end of a wedding day – so I let her turn the camera on me too!




5 Responses to “Leeza + me – that’s a wrap!”

  1. Anna Relvas   –  

    GREAT shots ladies!

  2. Tacy Rockwell   –  

    LOVE it! You girls are hot and awesome and I'm so glad I know ya and get to work with ya!

  3. Fernie Goncalves   –  

    Great photos by both of you….no doubt about it……keep on shootng the perfect shots……..

  4. Mary Pfahl   –  

    Great pictures, keep it up!

  5. Jessica Z   –  

    You ladies are super cute (and hot)! ; D

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