m and me: blackberry pickin’

September 3, 2012

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Feels like summer flew by in the blink of an eye. M and I managed to squeeze in some camping trips, visits to the Okanagan and relaxing days on the ocean. Sometimes I feel like as a photographer I get so wrapped up in the work I do for others I rarely get to photograph our day-to-day’s. This fall Im slowing down a bit (read: to the speed of regular folk), I look forward to finding a routine, photographing my family and travelling with family and friends. And so at long last, a little look into our life an evening from last week! Note – we look a we bit tired and hairy in these photos…but hey thats real life! It was a hectic couple of weeks!

2 Responses to “m and me: blackberry pickin’”

  1. Becky   –  

    you’re so cute! I miss you. xoxo.

  2. Paula Karachun   –  

    Hi, I just voted for the best wedding picture of the century. Wow. This picture needs to win so place your votes for Josh and Brennan. Seriously, they deserve it big time.

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