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Hardison turned 2 this February! He invited me over early in the morning on his birthday to capture some photos of him and his family before the party got started!  It’s always such a joy for me to photograph H every year for his birthday. Hardison is loving, playful and outgoing and always happy to see the camera! Its so fun to see how much he has grown, his new expressions, and what his new interests are. This year??  While his fav stuffed animals remain, he loves playing with his toy cars and trucks, drumming with his daddy, his backpack + books, watching the big ships in the harbour, and calling out to the “GUYS” ground crew working on the roads or nearby buildings (so hilarious!).

His mom and dad have started a wall show casing the annual ‘pantry portrait’, a photograph we have taking of their little family since Hardison was born. I love the idea and I LOVE shooting in front of their pantry.

His aunt + uncle and new cousin were out for a visit as well so of course we included them in the photo shoot too! Watch for them near the end! <3





































baby Violet

March 7, 2014

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Meet baby Violet just 3 weeks old! I had a great morning hanging out with Mark, Kelsey and Violet in their downtown Victoria condo. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun poured into their suite. We chit chatted about her pregnancy, amazing midwife experience, new business ventures (she is a co-owner at Parlor Salon here in Victoria) and the Top 20 under 40 Business + Community award Mark recently received for his work with the Victoria Highland soccer team! It has been an exciting couple of months for M + K, with so much to be thankful for. Violet was a joy to work with! And can we just say THAT HAIR!! Adorable! She rocked that wee little headband with so much style ; )  Violet was calm and alert for the beginning of the session but after a snuggly cuddle with dad she drifted right off! It was so great to meet people I had long heard about (friends of friends of friends and a small town – you get the picture!) and connect with them in their home capturing them doing life. Thanks again!!



Hardison – 1 YEAR!

February 25, 2014

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It’s amazing how time flies and little people grow! Hardison celebrated his first birthday the day before this session. We had a lot of fun re-creating some photos from his new born session just 12 months before! Of course this time he was MUCH busier and curious about my camera. We had fun playing most of the morning! Some of his favourite things include – his books, his blue striped stuffed dog, his chevron blankey and his nanny (who made a guest appearance in this session and was a huge help getting the giggles out of him!). Things we LOVE about Hardison – his soft curly hair, his many different expressions, the way his face crinkles up when he cries, his toothy grin, how HAPPY and loving he is, and how his version of peek-a-boo looks a bit more like “face-palm”!. Ohhhh I could go on… : )

His parents wrote him this note that they published on facebook on his birthday. It really struck a cord with me and I hope they don’t mind if I share. It’s so GOOD!

“One year ago we said hello to the most amazing little boy. Just like the cliches lamenting “how time flies” we find it hard to believe that he is a year old already, and it is especially hard to watch the weeks go by now that he is developing faster and faster all the time. On the one hand we are so happy to see each new step, but at the same time we really just want to hang on to each little moment! (it would also be nice to hang on to some of his clothes for more than a week! #sprouting).

We feel extraordinarily lucky, and we feel grateful every day that he is the kind of beautiful, loving, joyful, pleasant, incorrigibly happy (#clapyourhands) and hilarious little boy that he is, and that we are becoming a family more amazing by the day as a result of his rather boisterous assistance (#insistence).

Mostly, though, we are especially proud of the fact that he has already learnt both of his first names, “Hardison”, and “Don’t Touch!!”, and is learning to ignore them both equally well (#perseverance).

Hardison, on your 13th birthday, when you are old enough to log into whatever archival system holds this ancient inter-web Facebook thingie and read this note, know that we love you with all our hearts. (mind you, we will probably print this out and paste it into your baby book, so maybe try there first… #ancient) xoxo, Mom & Dad (#sappy).”


baby Annie Lax

September 28, 2013

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lil’ miss Annie Rose Lax just 5 days new the evening I got to meet her. Powerful name, am I right?? Amazing parents that we just enjoy, so much! Annie was the sweetest and so relaxed the entire time. April + Bobby chatted away about their home birth experience and how they found each other and fell in love. We laughed. Infectious laughter at that, the best kind. We took some photos. And then to round off a great evening, together we dined on a delicious lasagne made by Mrs. Nelson. Lucky me and and I had the pleasure to hold Annie Rose all evening. Here are some of my favourites.


Vienna – 11 months

May 26, 2013

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While in Osoyoos I bunked with some of our best friends Michelle + family! I love getting any opportunity I can to see Michelle and play with Vienna. She’s is a year old tomorrow!!  11 months in these photos and its been so much fun watching her grow up! At 11 months she was – waving, pointing, craaaawling, clapping, snorting, shrieking and laughing. And she LOVES it when aunty get’s her camera out.




that’s me one step away from cheek pinching…embracing the role of “aunty”. One day she will thank me

funny faces : )

springtime fun with mommy

baby Clark

April 27, 2013

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On a blustery Osoyoos morning last weekend I had the privilege of meeting up with Jodi + Morgan and their brand new baby boy Clark! Little Clark was 10 days new at his very first photo shoot and oh-so-tiny too.  Jodi + Morgan quietly doted on him while lil’ man exercised his lungs for us periodically throughout our session. See Clark had his own plans for the photo session, 10 days new and he didn’t want to miss a thing! I especially love some of the in between photos of Jodi + Morgan loving on Clark, its clear that parenthood comes very naturally to these two! With so much love around him I know he is set up for a sweet little life. I can’t wait to watch lil’ Clark grow up with all of his other little Osoyoos friends : )



baby Hardison

March 4, 2013

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I met Hardison’s mom and dad on a Westjet flight to Edmonton this fall. Nicki was about half way through her pregnancy and just days away from finding out if they were going to be welcoming a little boy or girl to their family. Nicki and I chatted non-stop all the way to Edmonton discussing our favorite local interior design haunt (bespoke!), her pregnancy, our careers, the insane travelling addictions we suffer from, our Manitoba roots, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Luckily JP took the aisle seat *wink*. We exchanged contact info and off we went to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. I emailed her almost the next day dying to know “blue or pink?!”. My email bounced and I thought “awe shucks” as I thought I lost a contact with a rad couple. When low-and-behold while travelllling in the Philippines this winter I received an email from Nicki “the girl from the Westjet flight”. I immediately responded like she was a long lost friend-o-mine. She was just about to have her baby, well in a couple weeks anyways…we would talk when I got back. WELL. Little man Hardison entered the world a full 3 weeks early on Feb 13 2013, just two days after my return!! We finally managed to connect and little man did not disappoint. Hardison was a joy to photograph and I just loved being able to delve into JP + Nicki’s life a little further (+ meet her mom too!). Did you know they also got engaged on a Westjet flight (!!) Married at Victoria’s famous Baird and Banker? Carried a 10lb buddha head ornament all over Vietnam in their backpack??! (Note: All of Nicki + JP’s amazing art on display in their home are now Velcro-d down to shelving “child proofing” the way of the style savvy domestic goddess – amazing!). There is a teeny touch of  competition for attention with the furry friends of  family now that there is a small human in the family…but we paid no mind and let them bask in little of the photography limelight too.  Hardison will grow up in a family filled with a keen sense of adventure and a desire to travel all the corners of the world, a family that just love’s him to bits! I think we can all agree he is a lucky little fella (and mom and dad are pretty lucky too!).  See you guys again soon!

enjoy the photos.





Little lady E

October 29, 2012

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I have some major, major love for the newest member of my family! My cousin Julie’s sweet baby girl Emily – 5 months old and first time playing in the leaves! Play time captured on my parents back 40 over Thanksgiving weekend. As an honorary Aunt E (hehe ‘auntie’) I sooo enjoy my time with her, and although I can’t be there all the time we do our best to make the most of the time that we do have. For this wee one I am so thankful!



Proud new parents Mitch + Michelle welcomed this little sweet pea at the end of May! I was so happy to meet the little lady V when out to visit in July. Luckily I got to combine this with lots of quality girl time with Michelle!  Vienna is so precious and I can’t wait to watch her grow up – this was her photo shoot debut and I think she rocked it like a natural! Get used to it baby girl…love Auntie E : )



Meet baby boy West : ) great name, great great name! Proud parents Sarah + Robin couldn’t be happier! More happy family photos to follow…just a tease for now. He’s SO CUTE!

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