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A foggy west coast day is a great reason to post one of this season’s coziest sessions. Tacy + Bryn collaborated with myself and my girl Meghan from Sweet Heirloom photography for a gorgeous and meticulously crafted couples session. With so much planning and inspiration packed into the afternoon/evening session it was way, way to hard to narrow the photos down to just one post. LUCKY FOR YOU I’ve decided to divide the collection up into a 3 part B+T mini series!  It was important to Bryn + Tacy to have their session photographed in their “‘hood” of Glenora. A sweet little village, nicknamed ‘Napa of the North’ with plenty of inspiration everywhere we went that day. If you have ever had the pleasure of gathering at the Rockwell’s divine casita you will know how much we looked forward to shooting in their home, which is where our photo collection begins. Tacy the artist and home designer behind Highberry Dew A Design House has impeccable and note worthy style you won’t soon forget.  Their home envelopes you like a museum of beautiful memories.  She patiently seeks out her collection of favourites from flea market finds to up-cycled vintage pieces. With complete trust in us they were at ease and simply ‘rolled with it’ as we snapped away capturing their beautiful home. Add that to a love so deep filled to the brim with adoration and a cuddly Corgi and folks we have a recipe for some damn good photo memories.

Tacy first met Bryn at her parents home 13 years ago. It was an afternoon get together at her parents place, a long time friend of her folks was visiting from Costa Rica and she was bringing her son. Tacy had to meet them. As she walked into the house, arms full of groceries she had a feeling, she knew this was it, though she hadn’t even seen him yet. She lingered while ‘putting away the groceries’ taking her time. Anxious, maybe. Unsure of what was going to happen next. She walked into the living room. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and later told her that he “knew” in that moment. He had waited his whole life to be her husband. She knew too. And that, along with many other things, set off a chain reaction which brought Tacy + Bryn to a marriage built on a solid foundation of good morals and values. To a home filled with big laughter, good music, nourishing food and the best friends. And to their furry companion Aiden the Corgi and cute mascot of HBD.

May I introduce you to “the hood”…






























Fritz Family – Osoyoos, BC

December 5, 2014

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This set of fall family photos make me so happy! I am excited to share with you our amazing friends Michelle + Mitch and their growing family. Lucky for me I get to be “Auntie E” or rather “Aunteeeeeeeeee” to these two sweeties Vienna + Kinsley. Their daughters are such a sweet pair and stole my heart a long long time ago with their hugs and kisses, video messages and Facetime dates. Even though we are miles away Michelle does such a great job at keeping us close and reminding her little ones about the importance of family…er almost family ;) I have to give a huge huge shoutout to Uncle Jason who pulled out all the tricks in the book to keep the girls giggling the entire shoot (I snuck in a couple photos of him too!). Chocolate chips and goldfish crackers may have also played a small part. Good memories overflow when I look at these photos, such a treasure. We love the time we get to spend with all of you and look forward to seeing you again soon!









































Jodi + Morgan + Clark – Osoyoos, BC

October 7, 2014

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Just a couple of weeks ago Jodi + Morgan picked me up in their old truck and we went out to explore her parents back 40 for some family photos! The leaves were just starting to change and it was a beautiful warm fall day. Their dog’s joined us for the morning as well and we made the most of that old truck as a great prop for Clark to play on! Managed to capture a few smiles from Clark and LOVED his little boots – cute right?





DSC_4403 (2)












DSC_4646 2


Stopa Family

June 15, 2014

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A cloudy and cool afternoon was the perfect backdrop for this mid-day family lifestyle session with the Stopa clan! We met up for about an hour to take a walk around Hayne’s Point in Osoyoos before heading off to a family birthday party for a very special 2 yr old! Hayley, Trent, Jackson + Rowan are always a joy to work with. It’s awesome to see how much their littles have grown since our last session. However, there was one thing stayed the same “Teds” the bear joined us again but this time along came his friend Teds (yes they share the same name) and Ally the Alligator. Jackson was a great help as set director for the stuffed animal portraits + as well had good input on many of the portraits of his parents! *wink*


baby Violet

March 7, 2014

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Meet baby Violet just 3 weeks old! I had a great morning hanging out with Mark, Kelsey and Violet in their downtown Victoria condo. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun poured into their suite. We chit chatted about her pregnancy, amazing midwife experience, new business ventures (she is a co-owner at Parlor Salon here in Victoria) and the Top 20 under 40 Business + Community award Mark recently received for his work with the Victoria Highland soccer team! It has been an exciting couple of months for M + K, with so much to be thankful for. Violet was a joy to work with! And can we just say THAT HAIR!! Adorable! She rocked that wee little headband with so much style ; )  Violet was calm and alert for the beginning of the session but after a snuggly cuddle with dad she drifted right off! It was so great to meet people I had long heard about (friends of friends of friends and a small town – you get the picture!) and connect with them in their home capturing them doing life. Thanks again!!



Hardison – 1 YEAR!

February 25, 2014

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It’s amazing how time flies and little people grow! Hardison celebrated his first birthday the day before this session. We had a lot of fun re-creating some photos from his new born session just 12 months before! Of course this time he was MUCH busier and curious about my camera. We had fun playing most of the morning! Some of his favourite things include – his books, his blue striped stuffed dog, his chevron blankey and his nanny (who made a guest appearance in this session and was a huge help getting the giggles out of him!). Things we LOVE about Hardison – his soft curly hair, his many different expressions, the way his face crinkles up when he cries, his toothy grin, how HAPPY and loving he is, and how his version of peek-a-boo looks a bit more like “face-palm”!. Ohhhh I could go on… : )

His parents wrote him this note that they published on facebook on his birthday. It really struck a cord with me and I hope they don’t mind if I share. It’s so GOOD!

“One year ago we said hello to the most amazing little boy. Just like the cliches lamenting “how time flies” we find it hard to believe that he is a year old already, and it is especially hard to watch the weeks go by now that he is developing faster and faster all the time. On the one hand we are so happy to see each new step, but at the same time we really just want to hang on to each little moment! (it would also be nice to hang on to some of his clothes for more than a week! #sprouting).

We feel extraordinarily lucky, and we feel grateful every day that he is the kind of beautiful, loving, joyful, pleasant, incorrigibly happy (#clapyourhands) and hilarious little boy that he is, and that we are becoming a family more amazing by the day as a result of his rather boisterous assistance (#insistence).

Mostly, though, we are especially proud of the fact that he has already learnt both of his first names, “Hardison”, and “Don’t Touch!!”, and is learning to ignore them both equally well (#perseverance).

Hardison, on your 13th birthday, when you are old enough to log into whatever archival system holds this ancient inter-web Facebook thingie and read this note, know that we love you with all our hearts. (mind you, we will probably print this out and paste it into your baby book, so maybe try there first… #ancient) xoxo, Mom & Dad (#sappy).”


Walter family – photo time!

December 25, 2013

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Do you know how hard it is to get 5 walter’s to meet up in one place? HARD. It bring’s the term ‘herding cats’ to a whole new level. Walter boys climb trees and well…you can just imagine.

One night after work we planned this mini family session with but a sliver of last light to spare. Note – this shoot started at 4pm in November with thick west coast overcast!!  Lighting is a bit “cooler” and ummm darker than I usually aim for but I think we got some great results regardless!  Everyone showed up looking their best and even the families fur baby “Dude” gave us a smile or too (pepperoni sticks may have helped!). ALSO big thank you to Megan for jumping in and snapping a couple of the mister and myself!

Happy Holidays from all of us on the west coast : ) xo



Clauzel Family – Osoyoos, BC

September 12, 2013

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favourite families the Clauzel’s this summer. Check out their session from 2 summer’s ago HERE. It’s amazing to see how much the girls have grown up since their last session! They were so sweet and booked an early morning photo sesh that wrapped up right on the lake just as the temperature started to rise for the day. We started at their fun beachside summer home, jumped in the boat and headed to Osoyoos’ famous white sands beach that we had almost alllll to ourselves (unheard of in August!). A mid-session water fight was thrown in the mix – awesome right? The session wrapped up with a cruise around the north end of the lake and an epic photo bombing attempt by Glen : )

Thanks for the fun Leah, Glen, Vanessa and Amanda  - you guys are the best!

this is what summer in Osoyoos is all about – family, sun and beach! my favourite shot of the day…

one of my favourite B + W’s!


Family Session!

August 6, 2013

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I followed up with Jodi + Morgan and their little man Clark in July for a quick outdoor session with their furry friends! These two fur babies missed out during Clark’s newborn session in the Spring. Enjoy the photos!

The Carter’s

December 28, 2012

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I’ve been waiting a long time to post these photos for Ryan, Gillian, and Colin – as they were a surprise Christmas gift for their momma (my Aunt)! Happily I introduce to you some family from M’s side – some of my favorite cousins to hang around with its always a great time when we get together! Gill and I started making plans for a morning photo date in October at a family dinner – the date was set, she picked a location special to their family and a yummy cafe for brunch! The morning we arrived at the location it was SUPER windy and threatening rain. The Carter clan rolled in, ridiculously good-looking (naturally) in their HOT new rides. Obviously *wink*. We decided to eat breakfast first and wait off the wind. Yum! Sure enough the weather broke just long enough for us to get in some gorgeous photos, we even got to watch a family of river otters playing on the rocks! It was a great excuse to tromp around the forest and spend some time together. Even M tagged along : ) The large print gifts were a big HIT with Auntie Daphne and with the rest of the family too!