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A foggy west coast day is a great reason to post one of this season’s coziest sessions. Tacy + Bryn collaborated with myself and my girl Meghan from Sweet Heirloom photography for a gorgeous and meticulously crafted couples session. With so much planning and inspiration packed into the afternoon/evening session it was way, way to hard to narrow the photos down to just one post. LUCKY FOR YOU I’ve decided to divide the collection up into a 3 part B+T mini series!  It was important to Bryn + Tacy to have their session photographed in their “‘hood” of Glenora. A sweet little village, nicknamed ‘Napa of the North’ with plenty of inspiration everywhere we went that day. If you have ever had the pleasure of gathering at the Rockwell’s divine casita you will know how much we looked forward to shooting in their home, which is where our photo collection begins. Tacy the artist and home designer behind Highberry Dew A Design House has impeccable and note worthy style you won’t soon forget.  Their home envelopes you like a museum of beautiful memories.  She patiently seeks out her collection of favourites from flea market finds to up-cycled vintage pieces. With complete trust in us they were at ease and simply ‘rolled with it’ as we snapped away capturing their beautiful home. Add that to a love so deep filled to the brim with adoration and a cuddly Corgi and folks we have a recipe for some damn good photo memories.

Tacy first met Bryn at her parents home 13 years ago. It was an afternoon get together at her parents place, a long time friend of her folks was visiting from Costa Rica and she was bringing her son. Tacy had to meet them. As she walked into the house, arms full of groceries she had a feeling, she knew this was it, though she hadn’t even seen him yet. She lingered while ‘putting away the groceries’ taking her time. Anxious, maybe. Unsure of what was going to happen next. She walked into the living room. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and later told her that he “knew” in that moment. He had waited his whole life to be her husband. She knew too. And that, along with many other things, set off a chain reaction which brought Tacy + Bryn to a marriage built on a solid foundation of good morals and values. To a home filled with big laughter, good music, nourishing food and the best friends. And to their furry companion Aiden the Corgi and cute mascot of HBD.

May I introduce you to “the hood”…































This little beauty of an album was delivered to it’s Okanagan home last week!

I am so HAPPY with how it all came together and how K + H’s image selection really painted a beautiful story of their wedding day. The element wedding albums are classic, clean and modern. These trendy albums are wrapped in an cover photo selected by the couple.  Our wedding albums display beautifully in the home, a great conversation piece and keepsake from your wedding day. The part I love the most is that I design these albums together with my clients. You are involved every step of the way so that you get exactly-what-you-want! The design process is simple + efficient. Every book is designed with clean layouts, lots of care and attention to detail. The albums are printed on fine art, museum quality paper with vibrant and vivid archival inks. When you open up the album you see a full panoramic display of your photos, there are no cuts or gutters in the binding. The element wedding albums are printed on matte paper that is rated to last generations without discolouring, yellowing or fading. 

(Note – this is a 10×10 album with 19 spreads, a smaller 6×6 version is also available and was created for the Groom’s parents).

Interested in working with me to design your album? Let me know!

“In 50 years the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures. Print what you want to preserve.”

-Missy Mwac








What’s in my BAG?

April 29, 2014

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Every once in a while I will get email’s or Facebook messages from clients and friends asking me to weigh in on “what camera do you think is better for me?” or “what type of lens should I invest in?”. Sometimes clients want to know what gear Im using at sessions or while we are working together.  I am always happy to provide some advice where I can but I thought it would be a good topic for a blog post! What IS in my bag?

The photo above showcases most of my lenses the only one missing is the one that I am shooting the photo with!

On a typical wedding day I have my 35mm f/1.4 on my camera 70% of the time (I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this lens), in my ShootSac I pack my 50mm f/1.4 and my 24-70mm 2.8 which I like to call my ‘workhorse’ and is on my camera the other 30% of the time. There are 6 handy pockets in the ShootSac. In one of my pockets I carry a wallet full of unused memory cards at the front (at least 32G) and all filled memory cards go in the back of my card wallet. I store 1 unused camera battery in another pocket. I don’t carry my flash in my ShootSac but you certainly could!  I will carry this loaded ShootSac on me all day. During the ceremony I will have my Juju bag by Kelly Moore usually stationed at the back row with my 70-200mm f/2.8 ready to go where I can easily pop it on to get in nice and close without being disruptive! My flash, and my macro lens stay in the Juju when they are not being used, along with extra batteries, cleaning cloths, business cards, my cell phone, wet naps and bag of almonds or a protein bar for a mid day energy boost!

I hoped this has helped you! Leave a comment and let me know – and feel free to ASK MORE QUESTIONS!

Lululemon Holiday PARTY!

February 7, 2014

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I feel so lucky to have been invited BACK with my photobooth to the Lululemon holiday party!! A second year in a row and the lemons BROUGHT IT!! Featuring an assortment of topical fruit and a wind machine this year this group knocked it out of the park!

There were sooo many delicious photos I could not possibly blog them all! For a complete re-cap of the shenanigans and some behind the scenes shots too please head over to the Print Shop to view the FULL GALLERY! Here you are able to fill up  your photo cart and order prints as well!

NOTE – if logging into the GALLERY from a mobile device the PROOFING GALLERY ID is 676c

Walter family – photo time!

December 25, 2013

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Do you know how hard it is to get 5 walter’s to meet up in one place? HARD. It bring’s the term ‘herding cats’ to a whole new level. Walter boys climb trees and well…you can just imagine.

One night after work we planned this mini family session with but a sliver of last light to spare. Note – this shoot started at 4pm in November with thick west coast overcast!!  Lighting is a bit “cooler” and ummm darker than I usually aim for but I think we got some great results regardless!  Everyone showed up looking their best and even the families fur baby “Dude” gave us a smile or too (pepperoni sticks may have helped!). ALSO big thank you to Megan for jumping in and snapping a couple of the mister and myself!

Happy Holidays from all of us on the west coast : ) xo



What a great night we had with Harbour Air in Victoria! These guys really know how to celebrate a great year with their staff. Hosted at the Flying Otter Grill with our element photobooth, prizes galore, “name that tune” and a a guest appearance by Turbo the mascot in FULL ON Santa gear (also he’s got some of the BEST moves on the dance floor – hiliarious!). Obviously you guys rocked the photobooth – I hope you enjoy some of the hightlights posted here : )

NOTE  - The FULL gallery of images can be viewed by clicking on the “print shop” tab at the top of this screen. Follow the directions and when you enter the gallery look for the photo of TURBO (as above) click on it and viola!












































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I whipped up a batch of these about a month ago and was sooooo happy with the results I instagram-ed a photo of the finish product and promised to share the recipe. I just didn’t think it would take me this long to post about it!! whoops! As we cozy up our indoors to get ready for the rainy season this yummy treat is something to look forward too! It makes your home smell amazing – bonus! : )

I had tried another recipe last year and failed. In this one the writer stresses the importance of using COLD butter and that I agree is certainly the key! I didn’t have all the spices I think I was short on cloves and cinnamon but I just added a bit more nutmeg and ginger!

Here is the link to the recipe that worked the best for me! Make sure you add this one to your pinboard – you won’t want to forget it! ENJOY

Oh and those cedar stump side tables? My hubby made them!

Vienna – 11 months

May 26, 2013

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While in Osoyoos I bunked with some of our best friends Michelle + family! I love getting any opportunity I can to see Michelle and play with Vienna. She’s is a year old tomorrow!!  11 months in these photos and its been so much fun watching her grow up! At 11 months she was – waving, pointing, craaaawling, clapping, snorting, shrieking and laughing. And she LOVES it when aunty get’s her camera out.




that’s me one step away from cheek pinching…embracing the role of “aunty”. One day she will thank me

funny faces : )

springtime fun with mommy

Lululemon Holiday BASH!

January 18, 2013

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Last weekend the lemons let loose at their annual holiday party! Surrounded by so much a t h l e t i c  p r o w e s s I felt juuuust a little inadequate. (wooo first 10k achieved on boxing day!). Probably the most upbeat, stoked-on-life, goal oriented, and over achieving crowd I have had the pleasure to hang with – I loved it.  NO STRETCH PANTS to be seen, every one looked smokin’ hot in their holiday best ; ) And of course they rocked the socks off of the photobooth!

Thank you so much for everything guys!

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Robyn my ‘home girl’ from MANITOBA!! holllllaaaa!


who love lululemon?? tell them – comment below!!





Roadless Peninsula

December 14, 2012

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A property located on the Peninsula of Maple Bay that is very special to all of us at element photography is at risk of being compromised due to development of a road that will make the area accessible bringing in hydro, developers, off roaders, etc into this piece of forest reserve.  There has been very minimal public consultation and the municipal government is in a hurry to have the road laid.  To stop this from happening 2150 voters in the North Cowichan Area must sign the documents below. The cut off time is DECEMEBER 14 2012 2pm. Read on for more information + share with as many people as possible. Thank you.



(blog post below from

Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.  ~Cree Indian Proverb  

The Peninsula of Maple Bay is considered to be some of the most extraordinary land anywhere, so sacred and rare that last year private donations and funding from The Land Conservancy and CVRD made possible the creation of Sansum Point Park. Suddenly this largely public-owned land is at risk. A road has been approved that will bring hydro and developers into this wildnerness.

The voters of North Cowichan have less than 2 weeks to decide the outcome of a complicated issue. Put simply, there is a choice between two types of roads, one that will allow development, or a smaller road to serve as public access to what we believe should be mostly park land.

There are approximately 75 privately owned properties on the Peninsula. Of these, less than 15 are full-time residents. The residents use the forestry road as transportation. They believe, and we believe, that whatever happens to the road it must provide safe passage.

It will take time for the electorate to inform itself of all the details. It took a few billion years to create The Peninsula, we are asking for a few months to debate its’ demise. The Municipal Government is trying to race this “developer’s” road through with no public consultation. The voters need time. On November 27th Councilor Hartman proposed a motion that the deadline of December 14th be extended a month to allow the voters to be informed of all the issues. The motion was defeated. We want to know why the government is trying to race this road through with no public process?

If the voters of North Cowichan demand more time, it will then be possible to demand a public task force be created to conceive a long-term community plan for The Peninsula, including public access and thoughtful consideration for the preservation of this extraordinay land.

Presently the existing road is on forestry land. To build this “developer’s” road, North Cowichan will have to remove a significant portion from the forest reserve. To stop this from happening, 10% of North Cowichan electors, 2,150 voters, must sign an Elector Response Form. It must be submitted to the Municipality by 2 p.m. on December 14th, 2012. Forms can be downloaded off the Municipal  and in this blog under Petition. Also they are available at the Municipal Hall north of town, (7030 TransCanada Highway) and The Community Farm Store in the yellow Garage in Duncan where they can be signed and dropped off.

The Electoral Response  Form process is cumbersome and flawed. It’s difficult for people to pick up forms. At this point there is no way around it, forms must be signed but a petition should also be valid.


PLEASE SIGN THE FORM AND THE PETITION BELOW. The petition will take a few minutes and is sent directly to the Mayor and Council.

FOR ELECTORAL RESPONSE FORMS, CLICK HERE (electoral response form)  -  Open and print the petition form. Please read carefully. Must be signed and handed in to the Municipal Hall or to the Community Farm Store across from the train station in Duncan.