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We had such a great time photographing Puneet + Paul in the summer in Osoyoos before their engagement party – that we decided to meet up again! This time in the lower mainland at the UBC campus.  Opting for a more formal look, Puneet was stunnnning in her red gown and Paul he looked pretty sharp too ; ). Wandering around campus brought back so many memories for the two of them from when they first started dating. The session wrapped up comfy and cozy in their favorite campus coffee shop.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two! Especially their wedding day festivities coming up in just a few short weeks!! <3








































puneet+paul 09.2014_40

Puneet + Paul are the kind of people you want to be your best friends.  They are interesting, they are kind and caring, they are thoughtful and smart, they make you laugh, they are genuine, and they are up for anything. These two met up with me at the beautiful Adega Winery on 45th in Osoyoos, BC just as the sun was starting to fall towards the mountains. Puneet and I had been emailing back and forth for a few months. The anticipation for this session was building for both of us. She was so excited, sharing ideas and images of outfits she purchased online for the session – this girl LOVED her skirt ; )  She happily admitted been an element follower forever and couldn’t wait to have some engagement photos taken in her hometown prior to her Vancouver wedding in 2015. As soon as I met these two I knew we were in for a memorable evening.  Look at them! They both brought so much style and were so prepared for whatever the evening would bring. They went along with any idea presented and enjoyed every moment! The weather was pure perfection, and the light my absolute favourite mix of warm, golden tones, with dust in the air from the dry desert soil. It was a pleasure listening to their wedding day plans, learning about some of their cultural parties surrounding the wedding and joking with them non-stop about just about everything. We wrapped up the evening at dark, sitting on the steps of Adega enjoying a glass of wine and snacking on pieces of baguette. It was the kind of session you wish would never end. It was a true delight to meet you both and thank you for an engagement session that truly inspires and energizes the creative spirit within.


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Megan + Ken // engaged!

September 18, 2014

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They met online–something that can go either way – really really good, OR not so much. For Megan + Ken it was the right time and the right person and they hit it off! Funny how that happens–how you can go along living your life and one day someone comes into your story and there’s no looking back.

We went to Megan + Ken’s favourite summer spot for their portraits–Neck Point Park in Naniamo. We took a wander through the forest, spent sometime practicing a little magic eye time on the picnic blanket (reminiscent of their first date!). Followed up by time at the beach, a visit from a pod of porpoises and the most GORGEOUS sunset! Megan + Ken will tie the knot next spring at Bird’s Eye Cove Farm and we can’t wait to capture it!













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Tanya + Chris // engaged!

September 9, 2014

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Tania + Chris travelled from Squamish to meet up for a costal engagement session on the island! They booked a weekend in Victoria with their beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback Bailey and we made the most of it. Capturing some sun drenched images, having ice cream, talking about travelling and getting to know each other better. These two will say I do in 11 days in Osoyoos (my favorite old stomping grounds). There is something about September weddings in Osoyoos, or anything in Osoyoos in September for that matter. I just LOVE it. I am looking forward to seeing T + C soon and celebrating their love!





























Let me introduce you to two of the greatest people on the planet, Brittney + Ryan!  This smiley, happy couple met on the world wide web! I am a firm believer that things happen at exactly the time they are supposed to. However that may be. And I am so happy that life had its way in helping these two to find each other! Wouldn’t you agree? For their very first date Brittney was fashionably late – leaving Ryan to wonder if he had been…eeeps…stood up. Whoooops of course she would never, let’s just blame border wait times and poor cell coverage for that. Luckily Ryan waited for her and Im sure he would agree that it was worth every minute. As their adventure together began this American-Canadian love story didn’t allow border control to get in the way again. Spending long hours on the road to see each other whenever possibly in their busy teaching schedules. These two are kind, playful, and easy going and are excited to be planning a wedding and an incredible future together – without the commute!

Brittney + Ryan, I – like many other photographers – am continually reminded what an unbelievable privilege it is to step into other people’s lives with the opportunity to photograph them.

Someday, your kids will have this glimpse of their mom and dad – young and full of life.  Someday, you will be able to look back and remember who you were at this stage – wildly in love, professionals, and partners.  Maybe you will recall the sub-seasonal Okanagan temperatures, the chance-of-rain, the branding on your wine bottle, how nervous you felt, and maybe you won’t. But that doesn’t matter. Those are the in betweens, the neither here-nor-there’s. What matter’s the the real life documented here.

Photographs matter.

And your in for a treat, because these photographs speak volumes about a real couple who really love each other.

kelly + joe – engaged!

July 25, 2013

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Oh, how I love the south Okanagan sunsets –  the rich, golden light always gets me!  Osoyoos locals Kelly + Joe happily met up with in me in the boondocks late in the evening on Canada Day long weekend to dodge the hot temps + tourists. It was truly 32+ in the town center at 7pm  no joke!  So we headed out to the hills to escape some of the chaos. Here we hid in the shade of the forest until the sun finally surrendered and the temps dipped to a bit to minimize the sweat factor.  We were joined by some of the hillside villagers who serenaded with a chorus of “moos” and  nervously observed our session from a mildly awkward distance. Leaving us to also nervously keep an eye on them and making action plans in case a stampede broke out! Lots of laughs and chatter were shared and the landscape proved to be the perfect backdrop for an engagement session that was centered around love + reflective of Kelly + Joe’s sweet, laid-back personalities!

Special thanks to Caroline for letting us borrow her killah vintage bike and to our friends up the hill who generously allow element photo to borrow their beautiful fields : )






Vanessa + Will – engaged!

July 20, 2013

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On a sunny summer’s eve Vanessa + Will met up with me in the seaside village of Cowichan Bay. They rolled into town in Will’s dad’s cherry red Beaumont (a Father-Son project from days past) with a trunk load of outfit changes, big smiles, tons of personality and a whole lotta’ love to go around!

Vanessa + Will met at the hospital where Will was completing his practicum in the Spring of 2010. Will’s a nurse and took good care of Vanessa’s grandpa while he was in the hospital. It was one afternoon Vanessa had joined her family to visit Grandpa when her Aunt tipped her off the the “really good looking nurse” making his rounds. It wasn’t long after that they connected and started officially dating. It was in Tokyo, Japan where Will asked Vanessa to be his wife – she said YES! Of course she did : ) This summer they are busy planning for a 2014 wedding celebration that will be filled to the brim with warm memories of a day surrounded by family and friends, and no doubt FULL of love and laughter!

Ashley + Gavin – engaged!

July 9, 2013

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Sunshine. Laughter. Authentic Love. Smart. Happy People . These are the feelings and thoughts that floated through my mind the night I met up with Ashley + Gavin! A couple that met back in 2006  during the second year of their undergrad during a Biology class. Ashley took notice of Gavin and  “I had asked a friend for Gavin’s name and said hello to him on the stairs at the University one day and he nearly fell down. He redeemed himself by coming to say hello in the library the following day.  He then found a soccer team for me to play for in the area and we have been friends ever since.” Eventually they started dating and as life would have it their pursuit of education has taken them all over the world (Ashley has her Master’s in Physiotherapy and Gavin is in Medical School). The distance was challenging but made their relationship stronger than ever allowing them to grow both together and individually – with many a skype date in between they made it and are so excited for a future - together.

Their first date took them to the boardwalk in Kelowna with ice cream in hand they chatted the night away sitting in the play ground. We decided to start the shoot in the same playground that was obviously so special to them. We wandered the warm streets of downtown Kelowna before we surrendered to the setting sun up at Knox Mountain. Here we really slowed the night down – allowing Ashely + Gavin to really enjoy each other’s embrace, the views and memories being captured. Their quiet confidence and  love for each other became very evident and it was a pleasure to watch them just “be” .  Gavin said it best “we find pleasure in simply being together with the one we love. We are able to find joy whenever we spend time together, whether we are sitting and reading or exploring a new city.”

Ashley, Gavin and I extend a great big THANK YOU to the lovely Yuriko Larson of Vintage Origami - Vintage Wedding Rentals for letting us have your Settee for the evening!

Ashely + Gavin’s FULL GALLERY of photo’s available for viewing + ordering can be viewed by clicking on the ‘PRINT SHOP’ tab above or HERE.


























































Doug + Jamie – engaged

June 21, 2013

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It’s so much fun when you friends get engaged! We have been rooting for D + J since well, the first time we met Jamie…and we have been rooting for Doug since well, forever. I have yet to see a more perfect compliment in a pair. We love them to pieces and can not wait to see where life’s journey takes them (we are so happy to be along for the ride)! These two never sit still, always on to the next adventure or spending quality time with their families. They are both avid hikers and outdoors people navigating all kinds of rugged terrain including the west coast trail (so many times they can do it with their eyes closed), the north coast trail, cape scott, juan de fuca, and more recently a wild trip to Kalalau trail in Kauai, HI. Doug + Jamie love to take people along for the journey and operate a backpack rental and orientation company called Out of The Storm right here in Shawnigan Lake (check it out!).

SO obiviously when planning their engagement session they choose their favorite backyard stomping grounds of Mt Baldy. We planned an evening of photos in their favorite hangout doing their favorite thing – hiking. Ok so we brought wine and toned it down a bit, errr alot, for my sake mostly but the views were worth every bug bite and brush scratch. Believe me?


Mandi + AJ – engaged!

May 9, 2013

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AJ met Mandi in 2003. He would regularly meet with clients and other relators in the same restaurant, at the same table, looking for the same waitress. Cue Mandi – the gorgeous and witty waitress that caught AJ’s eye. For 5 years he repeatedly visited the same local always chatting with Mandi but never taking it further than that as far as he was aware she had a boyfriend. It wasn’t until one day he was there with a business associate of his. When she approached the table he took a leap and introduced Mandi to his friend “This is Mandi, she is my future wife – she just doesn’t know it yet”. As luck would have it, she had just recently become single and agreed to one unsuspecting lunch which turned into dinner which turned into 5 years of adventure. Mandi + AJ are a perfect pair they will celebrate their 5 year “dating” anniversary this year with a wedding!

Mandi + AJ are a couple that are so genuinely happy, they are driven, romantics, they are well put together and have a strong foundation to build a BIG ol’ life on. When I asked them about some of their ‘favorites’ they replied with “Ethnic foods, funky music, fast cars and foreign lands” – Mandi threw in Orchids, white, hiking and sunshine. Mmm sounds good to me too! I think we are going to get along just fine *wink*.

In September these two will become husband and wife. Being the awesome couple that they are they are planning a ridiculously fabulous wedding! I am so happy to be photographing their Cedar Creek Estate Winery wedding and Laurel Packinghouse reception, styled by Stage it Right (Yes! Very excited to see all their plans come to fruition!).

I was thrilled the rain held off for their engagement session last on my last trip to Osoyoos…  the sun peaked our juuust a bit but I love the muted light the overcast skies left us to work with! Get comfy friends…this one’s worth scrolling alllll the way to the end!


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