Mandi + AJ were married in early September at the beautiful Cedar Creek Winery on a bright and sunny day surrounded by their closest family and friends. Gorgeous styling was provided by Stage it Right  – this was our first time working with Stage it Right and they did not disappoint! The setting was stunning and just right for sweet ceremony. Everyone enjoyed a causal wine reception at Cedar Creek immediately following the ceremony. Mandi + AJ’s guests gathered at the Laurel Packing House where the scene was set for a cozy and intimate evening to celebrate the newly weds. Guest’s raised glasses to toast Mandi + AJ after many funny and heartwarming stories were told of the couples exciting adventures together. Thank you for including us as part of your special day – we hope you are enjoying your incredible honey moon!

  1. Tacy R   –  

    As usual Element, you swept us away in another STUNNING wedding shoot! You and Leez ROCKED this! Great lighting, great couple, truly a gorgeous day! Wowsa! Always inspiring me!

  2. Becky   –  

    Carrie Bradshaw shoes!!! She had such a gorgeous bridal look! WOW! These are so great! LOVE the variety of locations! Especially love that wide shot kissing in front of the chapel, the crates and the shot on the street at the end. What a gorgeous couple!

  3. Ashley Lee   –  

    Wow what amazing photos! You are truly talented!

  4. Stephanie Bowen   –  

    Yet another stunner, Ms. E! You and Liza are quite the photog combo. xoxo

  5. Azalea Gloss   –  

    thanx Steph.

  6. Lucy Thiessen   –  

    Amazing…. Love these pics… you did such a great job E….

  7. Sharon Emslie   –  

    These are amazing photos of an amazing day!! Well done!

  8. Michelle Belch   –  

    Increible…..Marvelous….Beautiful…..BEST…..Aloha Blessings on your union….xo mb

We knew it was going to be a wonderful wedding having know these two for several years. From the moment we booked Kelly + Joe. When we learned where the wedding would be. When we learned what their love looked like after their engagement session. And all about how much they loved each other + their families. We knew it was going to be goooood.

but we had no idea.

From the very beginning of the day when we met up with the girls getting ready at the Walnut Beach Resort, everything was so relaxed – Kelly a bit nervous but still full of smiles and lots of laughter with her mom + girlfriends. Joe arrived for their first look which took place right on lake Osoyoos. Kelly snuck up behind him and greeted him with the biggest of hugs. Joe smiled so wide we thought his face might explode. BIG SMILES, BIG HUGS, BIG LOVE! After a few snaps we grabbed the wedding party and off to frolic in the hot desert sun and then seek some shade + lunch in the orchard of a local friend (thanks Evan!). Kelly created such and gracious timeline that allowed for so much photo creativity and a great afternoon with their wedding party. We thank you for that! After the orchard lunch break we headed up to Arosa Ranch and spent a bit of time down by the lake for a few more wedding party snaps – SHOUT OUT TO THE WEDDING PARTY – you guys offered such great energy + support to K + J and to us too! Props to you guys for asking to hold our reflector so that we could both shoot and offering us water and treats. amazing. thank you! more BIG LOVE.

As Kelly walked down the aisle her veil got caught up on one of the chairs, she started laughing as her dad rescued her from the chair. Together they giggled and continued down the aisle. Kelly + Joe exchanged vows as the sun fell low in the sky.

Dinner was prepared by the very talented chef Chris Van Hooydonk of Artisan Culinary Concepts (I photographed his intimate backyard wedding in 2011). It was a joy to watch Mikkel work alongside him as he served up one hell of a spread. Guests raved about every plate. It was fun to listen to everyone at our table chatter about  their food experience enjoying “the HUMMUS” or “the HEIRLOOM Tomatoes”. The meal he created was indeed unforgettable by many.

Joe’s brother turned out to be one of the most hilarious and animated MC’s we have ever had the pleasure to listen too. Turns out Kelly + Joe have funny friends, a lot of them. Feeding off of each other’s jokes all night every speaker was on a roll – nearly bring the whole darn tent down with BOOMING laughter. oh we loved it.

 Thank you K + J for sharing yourselves, your family + friends with us. You all are so wonderful! Thank you for allowing us to share this very, very long blog post. We thank your kick ass timeline for the opportunity to snag all the delicious photos. This is but a taste of some of the incredible images captured  from your wedding day.

wedding planning – parasio events

flowers – polka dot door flowers + gifts





  1. Tacy R   –  

    What a JOURNEY! I had goosebumps throughout! This looks like SUCH a good time – I wish I was their friend and had been there! GORGEOUS couple – the sitting-on-a-log images are stunning (second one in particular!). Teary eyed! And the socks IN the pants!??!?! DYING! I really really loved this spread, E!

  2. Becky   –  

    LOVE the ring shot! And all the getting ready stuff. Your write ups always make me feel like I was there.
    Amazaing….as always <3

  3. Gary Robilliard   –  

    Great photo’s. Captured the day. Kelly you look so beautiful. What a fabulous wedding party. Thanks for the memories

  4. Mia Holland Baker   –  

    Awesome pictures Erika, you capture the love and happiness of the day perfectly, made me cry (with happiness) reliving it all over again. Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Mia Holland Baker   –  

    Awesome pictures Erika, you capture the love and happiness of the day perfectly, made me cry (with happiness) reliving it all over again. Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. Laureen Boon McCrae   –  

    Stunning pictures…Kelly, you are as beautiful now as you were when you were a little girl

  7. Sheryl Laporte   –  

    Absolutely gorgeous couple, Kelly and Joe! Beautiful pictures and memories to hold forever. :)

  8. Sheryl Laporte   –  

    Absolutely gorgeous couple, Kelly and Joe! Beautiful pictures and memories to hold forever. :)

  9. Ahna Luke Holland   –  

    Absolutely stunning!

  10. Sue Holland   –  

    So beautiful! Love the desert colours!

  11. Oh Mia …. Beautiful photos! Bride gorgeous and Mama just as gorgeous! Congrats!!

  12. Erika Walter   –  

    Thank you so much for the share Mia! So happy you love the photos – I do too!

  13. Brittany Ringdahl   –  

    UGH… just looked at these again.. just because one look was not enough :) BEST DAY … AMAZING JOB AGAIN LADIES

  14. Elise Kosturos   –  

    Such a beautiful wedding. Great blog!

Jamie + Doug – The PHOTOBOOTH

October 1, 2013

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Pretty much the most outrageous of all photo booths I have ever operated. Jamie + Doug got married this past July – check out their wedding post HERE if you missed it! This group was begging for the photobooth to open and were non-stop for the 1.5 hours we operated! When all was said and done it looked like sesame street threw up all over, well, everything! Here are some of the highlights!

See a photo you gotta have? Shoot me an email

baby Annie Lax

September 28, 2013

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lil’ miss Annie Rose Lax just 5 days new the evening I got to meet her. Powerful name, am I right?? Amazing parents that we just enjoy, so much! Annie was the sweetest and so relaxed the entire time. April + Bobby chatted away about their home birth experience and how they found each other and fell in love. We laughed. Infectious laughter at that, the best kind. We took some photos. And then to round off a great evening, together we dined on a delicious lasagne made by Mrs. Nelson. Lucky me and and I had the pleasure to hold Annie Rose all evening. Here are some of my favourites.




Ashley + Gavin first noticed each other during their second year of undergrad back in 2006 during a biology class. Ashley had asked her friend for Gavin’s name and soon spotted him walking out of a building at Uni. She stepped out on a limb and boldly said “hello” to him as he jogged down the stairs, a startled Gavin tripped up and  nearly fell down the stairs! Later he found her an introduced himself one day in the Library where Ashley was studying. He learned that Ashley loves to play soccer and he helped her to find a team – the timing was right and they hit it off!

Ashley started off the morning of their wedding with her 4 bridesmaids at the Watermark Beach Resort where the girls had their hair and makeup done. When they were ready they left for Ashley’s family farm to put on her gown and finishing touches where her grandma would be able to watch. Meanwhile, the boys headed to the church to greet guest and waited for the traditional ceremony to begin. The guest poured into the pews, we soon realized this may be our largest wedding to date! After a beautiful wedding ceremony we headed back to the Pereira Farm for portraits. The wedding party was so fun to work with and quite the educated bunch. We knew if anything went wrong, we were in good hands! Most importantly, they kept Ash + Gav laughing all day!

It was a joy to watch Gavin take care of Ashley all day. He doted on her every need and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Their love for each other is so genuine, so simple. Truth be told, every now and then a couple’s love move’s us to tears (well Liza anyways, hehe). After shooting the series of the two of them on the horizon in the desert she dropped her camera from her face and immediately started wiping the tears away. It was so good! There was a moment when we were standing amongst the sage brush in the desert. I had them cuddled up and his hand was on her cheek, foreheads together, arm around her waist. I asked them to close their eyes, breath, enjoy the peace, relax and take it all in. She closed her eyes, breathed in – and out, he didn’t. He didn’t close his eyes. Instead Gavin quietly kept watching his new wife and smiling. Taking it all in.

florals – flowers on main

hair – Kelsey Carvalho

makeup – Ashley Patrocinio

catering – Kirby McFadden of Mckia’s restaurant, Osoyoos

cake – Sugar Sweet Cake Company of Kelowna and Lake Village Bakery of Osoyoos

dj- Spencer Jones of bmac productions, Kelowna

Bride’s dress – Bliss Bridal

bridesmaids dresses – Ten Fashions

decor – paraiso events








Amanda + Chris planned a breathtaking mountain top ceremony in the most unique and secretive locations we have yet to shoot. Every now and then we meet a couple that inspires us with their love, and their creative gumption. Amanda + Chris are just that couple. We met up with them and jumped into their 4×4 truck and after a few miles of gravel, Chris turned the truck off-road and head headed through the forest and into open pasture. We continued to climb higher and higher, and when we came to the crest of the pasture we looked down over the pristine Kettle Valley and Amanda’s childhood playground. At the far end of the pasture was the original homestead where they planned to exchange their vows. We were completely awe-struck and couldn’t wait to start snapping some photos. Amanda got dressed in the field behind the old house. She had such a quiet confidence about her, all the while so, so relaxed. As I photographed some portraits of her just before she saw Chris she whispered “I’m so glad your here”. See? She’s amazing. Thank you Amanda!

She rounded the corner of the home and walked toward Chris all smiles as their son Dace watched. They ceremony was simple and sweet. The sun continued to drop and the landscape continued to reveal even more beauty. We started their the portraits in the best light we could have wished for and Amanda + Chris couldn’t take their eyes of each other. Amanda had arranged for her horse to join us, which Dace LOVED and so did we.

Thank you both for one of the most magical evenings of the summer. We feel so privileged that you choose to include us in your intimate ceremony and for sharing such special piece of your lives with us. For this we thank you and wish nothing but the very best in the adventures ahead of you!

styling by – cricket + bean

dress – bliss bridal

florals – polka dot door flowers and gifts



  1. Michelle   –  

    Beautiful!!! Love how intimate it was.. very well done! Love the light and how super excited and cute Dace is! Love Love!

  2. Sarah Geen   –  

    Absolutely breathtaking! Congrats Amanda and Chris!

  3. Mako McMullin   –  

    What amazing, artful photos – your love and beauty as a family was perfectly captured! <3

I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favourite families the Clauzel’s this summer. Check out their session from 2 summer’s ago HERE. It’s amazing to see how much the girls have grown up since their last session! They were so sweet and booked an early morning photo sesh that wrapped up right on the lake just as the temperature started to rise for the day. We started at their fun beachside summer home, jumped in the boat and headed to Osoyoos’ famous white sands beach that we had almost alllll to ourselves (unheard of in August!). A mid-session water fight was thrown in the mix – awesome right? The session wrapped up with a cruise around the north end of the lake and an epic photo bombing attempt by Glen : )

Thanks for the fun Leah, Glen, Vanessa and Amanda  - you guys are the best!

this is what summer in Osoyoos is all about – family, sun and beach! my favourite shot of the day…

one of my favourite B + W’s!


  1. Becky   –  

    Their last session was a fave of mine…this one is equally awesome!! That image you said was your fave is my fave too!

Logan + Ryan officially started dating in high school just before Logan took off for a one year Rotary exchange to Brazil. That year Logan travelled around Brazil, finished a year of school, took up Portuguese while Ryan played hockey and thought about Logan ; ) Logan’s experience’s in Brazil found a forever place in her heart and together her and Ryan and family have travelled there many times since. Her Brazilian family travelled all the way to Canada to participate in their beautiful wedding at Bird’s Eye Cove Farm. Logan + Ryan’s wedding day and weekend festivities were deeply centered around family – a wedding party full of siblings and cousins, her Dad delivered one of the most beautiful message’s to the couple during their ceremony and all 3 of Logan’s “Dad’s” got to walk her down the aisle!

We were so happy to return to Bird’s Eye Cove Farm for their Aug 4 2013 wedding. This time we got to collaborate with the lovely Tacy of Highberry Dew for the wedding day stylings. She brought Logan’s wedding day vision to life in such awe-inspiring ways, from the amazing hand crafted Chandelier, to the LOVE Marquee lights and tiny ID tags found on guests mason jar cups.

This was a wedding weekend we waited for all year, we wished it would never end! Years in the making and thoroughly enjoyed by all. After an emotional first look, these two chased us around the farm saying an enthusiastic “YES” to all our ideas and even bringing a few of their own. Log + Ry this is what we love about you two – always up for anything and we thank you for giving us your 100% trust and creative freedom. Logan + Ryan truly bring out the best in each other. They are the kind of couple that brings out the best in other’s too, you can’t help but want to soak up time with them (+ their incredible families!). We love you both, and feel so fortunate to have found our way into your lives, thank you so much for sharing this day with us. We look forward to the adventures to come!

Big thank you to the staff at Bird’s Eye for always being so helpful + supportive. And a special thanks to Malcolm for his carpentry work and rafter jumping + the team lead by Bryn + Tacy for the installation of that rockin’ chandelier.




Our friends Doug + Jamie planned a simple and intimate summer evening wedding ceremony in their backyard. Jamie got ready for their first look with her mom and her sister’s at Doug’s childhood home. Putting other’s before herself she made busy by curling hair for all the other woman (cute!).  The men relaxed outdoors while Doug got ready, having a few rum’s and snacking on fresh prawns caught that morning. The two met for the first time that day in the shade of their sheep and llama pasture. Doug was so excited to see her, instead of waiting for Jamie to approach him he turned around and met her half way! The whole afternoon and evening was very relaxed and calm, just what they were hoping for. Portraits wrapped up and then they got ready for their private ceremony. Their only guests were close family + a handful of friends. The ceremony was lead by one of their mutual best friends and guest gathered around listening to Doug + Jamie exchange sweet vows that they written for each other. After the ceremony guests enjoyed a causal BBQ dinner catered by Just Jakes (best!!). The gorgeous florals were grown + provided by Flowers by Reayane of Salt Spring Island ( We co-ordinated the biggest family photo sesh in element photo history – it was awesome! If your looking for your photo please check out D + J’s complete gallery of images by clicking HERE  (password married).

The following day, Doug + Jamie invited all their friends to celebrate their union. Friends arrived to a delicious BBQ dinner, and were entertained by some of the funniest stories about the adventurous couple, life-sized j-j-j-jenga, swimming, volleyball, Photo Booth (photos coming soon!), and together we lit up the BEST dance party under the stars!




  1. April Fern Nelson   –  

    Erika Walter Just stunning photos :)

  2. Erika Walter   –  

    Thanks for the share April!! your the BEST!

  3. Dawn Hiles   –  

    Those are amazing! I especially love the picture of Jamie and her mom. Awesome photography!

  4. Sheila Leclerc   –  

    Amazing photos Erika! You are one talented lady!

  5. Marianne Daem   –  

    Just Beautiful!


If you know Sarah + Kevin you know they are a couple overflowing with positive energy. They love movies and road trips, car shows, oldies, family and friends. Kevin surprised Sarah with a proposal in Vancouver after gathering a group of friends to join them at “evil dead” and help him pull off the surprise for Sarah!

On sunny day in Maple Bay, Sarah + Kevin exchanged rings in the middle of the rolling pastures at Bird’s Eye Cove Farm. Guests were entertained by a very animated ceremony that the couple had spent months working on to create something that was uniquely “theirs”. They ran, they laughed, guests participated, a story was told, bubbles were blown, and loving vows exchanged. The gathered for a delicious meal where funny memories were shared about Sarah + Kevin reflecting on the 6 years that brought them to their wedding day. The night rounded off with my favourite, a big ol’ dance party!








  1. Carolyn Wolter   –  

    What an amazing time! Congrats again to the Bride and Groom! The Pictures are freak-in awesome!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding. WOW. Looks like an amazing day and a fantastic setting. You look so in love and happy and we are happy for you. Wish we could have been there to share your day but the lovely Mr Buble called! Sincere best wishes for the future and hope to see you both again fairly soon. Who knows one day you might visit merry old england where we all wear top hats and curtsey at the Queen and ride penny farthings!!

  3. Being a part of a couple’s wedding day is such a special thing for all of us at the farm. We are so very thankful that couples like yourselves Kevin & Sarah allow us that honour.
    Best wishes from all of us for a life together filled with happiness and cherished memories.
    The photos are stunning, by a talented photographer who captured the essence of who you both are.

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