A little glimpse into Darci + Chris’ beautiful spring wedding day reveals so many layers of goodness!  The afternoon began with Darci surrounded by her girls as she got pampered by her friends at  Tracy Cake Make-Up and Shelly Vickers from High Fidelity Hair Studio. Chris took it easy enjoying lunch at Furry Creek Golf Club with his buddies. Darci + Chris are a captivating couple, and the kind of people who just pour out love and joy onto anyone around them. Their families and friends are just the same. It’s hard to explain but anyone who knows them would agree! They are always a joy to photograph as the love they have for each other is so genuine and flows so easily.

Their wedding ceremony was sweet + simple. Surrounded by nature and their closest of family + friends everyone cheered them on into the next chapter of their lives together!

We enjoyed an beautiful tour of the Furry Creek Golf Club property as we snapped memorable images of Darci + Chris alllll over the place! We cannot thank Jill wedding coordinator (AND momma-to-be) extraordinare + staff enough. They personally  escorted us around the property (in golf carts!) and brought picnic snacks for ALL of to nosh on as we hustled about. Ah-mazing!

The evening rounded off with a delicious dinner – thoughtfully selected plates to satisfy any appetite. Guest’s continued to celebrate the happy couple sharing stories and heart felt best wishes for the future! My favourite being one that Chris’ mom shared. She was on her busy Vancouver commute home after work and happened to notice a young couple laughing and walking along with their arms intertwined. They were happy, radiant, and they looked so in love – she thought to herself – how nice.  As she flew past them, to her surprise she recognized her son Chris and his fiance Darci! Such a sweet memory!

Thank you D + C for inviting us to capture your special day – big love to you both.

Dress by – Joanna Delaney

Flowers by – Our Little Flower Company

Wedding Coordinator (Furry Creek Golf Club) – Jill Weekes-Dickson

  1. Becky   –  

    Gorgeous!!! Love the shots on the beach!! <3

  2. Lin Snow   –  

    These are beautiful!

  3. Simon Snow   –  

    so awesome! Thank you!

  4. Gorgeous! Breathtaking! So romantic!!! Just re-lived that perfect day. I love you both so much!!!

  5. Amanda Bear   –  

    Incredible photos!! thanks for sharing love <3

  6. Katia Somerville   –  

    I love love! Excellent photos, and what a stunningly beautiful couple- I'm so happy for you guys <3

  7. Teresa Breakwell   –  

    I have a feeling I will be printing lots of your photos…

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  9. Janine Deanna Sept   –  

    well DONE*

  10. Erika Walter   –  

    Janine Deanna Sept Thanks so much!! LOVELY phone chat with you tonight – keep in touch! MUAH!

What’s in my BAG?

April 29, 2014

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Every once in a while I will get email’s or Facebook messages from clients and friends asking me to weigh in on “what camera do you think is better for me?” or “what type of lens should I invest in?”. Sometimes clients want to know what gear Im using at sessions or while we are working together.  I am always happy to provide some advice where I can but I thought it would be a good topic for a blog post! What IS in my bag?

The photo above showcases most of my lenses the only one missing is the one that I am shooting the photo with!

On a typical wedding day I have my 35mm f/1.4 on my camera 70% of the time (I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE this lens), in my ShootSac I pack my 50mm f/1.4 and my 24-70mm 2.8 which I like to call my ‘workhorse’ and is on my camera the other 30% of the time. There are 6 handy pockets in the ShootSac. In one of my pockets I carry a wallet full of unused memory cards at the front (at least 32G) and all filled memory cards go in the back of my card wallet. I store 1 unused camera battery in another pocket. I don’t carry my flash in my ShootSac but you certainly could!  I will carry this loaded ShootSac on me all day. During the ceremony I will have my Juju bag by Kelly Moore usually stationed at the back row with my 70-200mm f/2.8 ready to go where I can easily pop it on to get in nice and close without being disruptive! My flash, and my macro lens stay in the Juju when they are not being used, along with extra batteries, cleaning cloths, business cards, my cell phone, wet naps and bag of almonds or a protein bar for a mid day energy boost!

I hoped this has helped you! Leave a comment and let me know – and feel free to ASK MORE QUESTIONS!

M + E – Ucluelet

March 9, 2014

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Recently M and I took a weekend off and visited the west coast! We have been back living on the island for 2 years and still had not made time to get out to Ucluelet or Tofino or anywhere even close since our return. It was time to make some time! So on a whim we booked 2 nights in a cozy little cabin complete with hot tub and great views of the inlet. I prepared a few delicious meals (as the little town of Ucluelet shuts down most restaurants and cafes during the off season) and we were off! We filled our first evening with a rocky sunset hike, taking a few fun photos and experimenting with reflections, then checked out some local property for sale. Our first full day we layered ourselves in warm clothes and rain gear and took to a soggy coastal hike along Florencia Bay. Watched some bald eagles race for their dinner on the shore line, listened to the sea lions and practiced our head stands (its a work in progress for me…more on that later!). We chowed some home made tomato basil soup and built a little fire under the  protection of a big ol’ tree and ate our soup with giant mussel shells – because we forgot our spoons! The next day we were off and hit SNOW on the pass! YaY! We made our way to Cathedral Grove (read OLD GROWTH Douglas Fir FOREST – some trees more than 800 yr old) and took the rare opportunity to view the GIANTS in their snowy coats. They dwarfed us. The massive clumps of snow falling from the branches a 100 meters up and ongoing snowfall made picture taking tricky. Hard to get a clear focus from all the chunky snowflakes getting in the way! It was GORGEOUS!! A little seafood chowder and shopping at Coombs Market to wrap up the trip! Our little getaway made me so excited for a spring and summer full of adventures with M! We have lots of trips planned so stay tuned, we can’t wait!


baby Violet

March 7, 2014

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Meet baby Violet just 3 weeks old! I had a great morning hanging out with Mark, Kelsey and Violet in their downtown Victoria condo. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun poured into their suite. We chit chatted about her pregnancy, amazing midwife experience, new business ventures (she is a co-owner at Parlor Salon here in Victoria) and the Top 20 under 40 Business + Community award Mark recently received for his work with the Victoria Highland soccer team! It has been an exciting couple of months for M + K, with so much to be thankful for. Violet was a joy to work with! And can we just say THAT HAIR!! Adorable! She rocked that wee little headband with so much style ; )  Violet was calm and alert for the beginning of the session but after a snuggly cuddle with dad she drifted right off! It was so great to meet people I had long heard about (friends of friends of friends and a small town – you get the picture!) and connect with them in their home capturing them doing life. Thanks again!!



  1. Lena Thompson   –  

    Beautiful family and Violet is so adorable.

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    Be still my heart!

  3. Donna Elenko   –  

    Be still my heart!

  4. Gail Milliken   –  

    Such gorgeous pictures, beautiful memories!

  5. Laurie Robb   –  

    Wee Violet is so very lovey. Congratulations you two.

  6. Linda stone   –  

    These beautiful pics of such a lovely new family actually brought tears to my eyes. Congraulations again Mark & Kelsy and may many more great memories be made!!!!

Hardison – 1 YEAR!

February 25, 2014

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It’s amazing how time flies and little people grow! Hardison celebrated his first birthday the day before this session. We had a lot of fun re-creating some photos from his new born session just 12 months before! Of course this time he was MUCH busier and curious about my camera. We had fun playing most of the morning! Some of his favourite things include – his books, his blue striped stuffed dog, his chevron blankey and his nanny (who made a guest appearance in this session and was a huge help getting the giggles out of him!). Things we LOVE about Hardison – his soft curly hair, his many different expressions, the way his face crinkles up when he cries, his toothy grin, how HAPPY and loving he is, and how his version of peek-a-boo looks a bit more like “face-palm”!. Ohhhh I could go on… : )

His parents wrote him this note that they published on facebook on his birthday. It really struck a cord with me and I hope they don’t mind if I share. It’s so GOOD!

“One year ago we said hello to the most amazing little boy. Just like the cliches lamenting “how time flies” we find it hard to believe that he is a year old already, and it is especially hard to watch the weeks go by now that he is developing faster and faster all the time. On the one hand we are so happy to see each new step, but at the same time we really just want to hang on to each little moment! (it would also be nice to hang on to some of his clothes for more than a week! #sprouting).

We feel extraordinarily lucky, and we feel grateful every day that he is the kind of beautiful, loving, joyful, pleasant, incorrigibly happy (#clapyourhands) and hilarious little boy that he is, and that we are becoming a family more amazing by the day as a result of his rather boisterous assistance (#insistence).

Mostly, though, we are especially proud of the fact that he has already learnt both of his first names, “Hardison”, and “Don’t Touch!!”, and is learning to ignore them both equally well (#perseverance).

Hardison, on your 13th birthday, when you are old enough to log into whatever archival system holds this ancient inter-web Facebook thingie and read this note, know that we love you with all our hearts. (mind you, we will probably print this out and paste it into your baby book, so maybe try there first… #ancient) xoxo, Mom & Dad (#sappy).”


Lululemon Holiday PARTY!

February 7, 2014

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I feel so lucky to have been invited BACK with my photobooth to the Lululemon holiday party!! A second year in a row and the lemons BROUGHT IT!! Featuring an assortment of topical fruit and a wind machine this year this group knocked it out of the park!

There were sooo many delicious photos I could not possibly blog them all! For a complete re-cap of the shenanigans and some behind the scenes shots too please head over to the Print Shop to view the FULL GALLERY! Here you are able to fill up  your photo cart and order prints as well!

NOTE – if logging into the GALLERY from a mobile device the PROOFING GALLERY ID is 676c

This fall I collaborated with my best gal Tacy from Highberry Dew – A design house to create a west coast holiday feast! The custom styled shoot was conceptualized by Jean Crowder, MP and her support team for her annual Holiday card. Styling provided by the lovely Tacy the shoot features local pears, hazelnuts, holly berry, cedar plank salmon and some treasures from her private collection.  Look for more styled collaborations to come in 2014!

  1. Tacy Rockwell   –  

    SO fun!!! What a FABULOUS day! Love ya sistah! Imma can't wait to get twerk on some more collabs with ya!

  2. Devon Gillott   –  

    nice work ladies!

  3. Nicole Westre   –  

    Love it!

  4. Becky   –  

    Awe, you girls are fun! The last pic is my fave cuz you’re in it :)

  5. Erika Walter   –  

    Thanks Devon!

Walter family – photo time!

December 25, 2013

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Do you know how hard it is to get 5 walter’s to meet up in one place? HARD. It bring’s the term ‘herding cats’ to a whole new level. Walter boys climb trees and well…you can just imagine.

One night after work we planned this mini family session with but a sliver of last light to spare. Note – this shoot started at 4pm in November with thick west coast overcast!!  Lighting is a bit “cooler” and ummm darker than I usually aim for but I think we got some great results regardless!  Everyone showed up looking their best and even the families fur baby “Dude” gave us a smile or too (pepperoni sticks may have helped!). ALSO big thank you to Megan for jumping in and snapping a couple of the mister and myself!

Happy Holidays from all of us on the west coast : ) xo



What a great night we had with Harbour Air in Victoria! These guys really know how to celebrate a great year with their staff. Hosted at the Flying Otter Grill with our element photobooth, prizes galore, “name that tune” and a a guest appearance by Turbo the mascot in FULL ON Santa gear (also he’s got some of the BEST moves on the dance floor – hiliarious!). Obviously you guys rocked the photobooth – I hope you enjoy some of the hightlights posted here : )

NOTE  - The FULL gallery of images can be viewed by clicking on the “print shop” tab at the top of this screen. Follow the directions and when you enter the gallery look for the photo of TURBO (as above) click on it and viola!












































Find element photography on facebook!

This post marks my 206th blog post, my first gig as a photographer and a bridesmaid (at the same time) and caps element’s 2013 wedding season. A season that extended from May through to the end of September took us to Vancouver, Calgary, Maple Bay (x2), Shawnigan Lake, Rock Creek, Osoyoos (x2), Kelowna, Winnipeg, and Kamloops. It felt like I travelled a BAzillion kilometers to capture love in so many different ways! Thank you newly weds for such an enjoyable time. I value your creativity and for trusting us to document your most special day!  Thank you to everyone who borrowed me a bed even though many times I was crashing as more of a guest than a friend crawling in late at night and disappearing in the wee morning hours. I appreciate all of you more than you know ; )

Kimberly + Harley, your wedding was one that I was looking forward to in anticipation for a long time! The words I have to express how wonderful this day was are many. Get ready!

The morning started when we stepped out the hotel at Sun Peaks into heavy rain. The sky was THICK. Molasses thick. It was heavy, and my heart sank a bit in that moment. It couldn’t be raining, not today! We covered up and ran for cover as I silently prayed the weather would break.

We arrived at the Jette Ranch where the smell of coffee was drifting through the house and Kim was starting to get her hair done. Obviously disappointed by the weather in Heffley Creek but smiling non-the-less. The hairdresser told us it was sunny in Kamloops! There was hope! Makeup and hair was finished and just as Harley arrived for the first look the clouds broke. BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM – hallelujah it’s time to get married! Surrounded by every cowboy and cowgirl in Heffley Creek (and some from Kentucky too) Kim + Harley exchanged their vows. We witnessed a beautiful wedding ceremony under a trellace that Harley built for Kim on the edge of a cliff overlooking the pasture below.

Malcolm and I were lucky to BOTH be included in the wedding day – and we got to make a toast together. I thought it might be fun to share to give a little history on K + H.

“erika – I met Kim while studying Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan. Isn’t she stunning tonight? After grad we both headed west myself to the Okanagan and Kim to Vancouver Island. Malcolm and I got to know Harley during our last year in Osoyoos, he instantly became one of our closest friends. His charm quickly won us over – his cornbread and famous apple pie may have helped too.

malcolm – Erika would often borrow Harley’s dog Leduc. She always called them her Tuesday’s with Leduc. She would take him on walks and runs all over town, he never even needed a leash. Such a southern gentlemen he is – wish I could say the same thing about Harley… I love this guy he is friendly and honest and seems to have an endless amount of tales to tell. We always enjoy our time spent together. Erika often mentioned the need to find him a girl which would be perfect because that meant I would spend far less on beer.

erika – rewind to October 2011. Kim, Rachelle and I were heading to Maui. During this girls trip I really got a good idea of the kind of man she was looking for. At that time Kim was pretty much done with BC and ready to head back to Saskatchewan. Back to big skies and her horses. It was one day after we returned home from Maui when I decided it would be a good idea to play a little match maker with two of our best people we know. We were packing up our home to move to the island. Harley was “helping” us by drinking the rest of our beer : ) Earlier that day I had been on the road and thought about setting up Kim with Harley. Everything she confided in me in Maui lined up with everything I knew about Harley. I was so excited I pulled over right there on the highway between Oliver and Osoyoos and called her.  I told her about him and suggested she check out his Facebook profile and left it at that. Later that night while we were sitting around with Harley I said “hey Har check out my friend Kim, she’s cute – on Facebook – he obliged and started flipping through her photos on my iphone. Malcolm continued to chat away when we heard a familiar apple vibration and things got a little quiet. In his southern drawl Harley says “I’m going to have to go ahead and give this back”. Harley played it cool and handed the phone back to me. Across the little screen was a green text bubble that read “Hey! I checked out his page and Harley’s really cute!!”. And well that was that! Followed by a prompt phone call from Harley their relationship took off like a prairie wild fire. We knew we were in trouble.

malcolm – fast forward to January 2012 – Harley’s first visit to the island. We decided prawning and beach bonfires would be a fun thing to do on a first date. After consuming 300-400 prawns on the beach well we didn’t see much of Kim + Har for the rest of the weekend! We knew crustaceans were aphrodisiacs…but well we never really believed it, until now. A few more Skype dates and a few expensive flights along the way and before summer hit Kim was packing her bags! The rest is history and now – here we are!

erika – We’ve had a short time knowing these two as a couple and look forward to the adventures we know we will have together in the future. To Kim and Harley – GOOD LUCK AND BOTTOMS UP!!!!”

My top 5 favourite things from this wedding (in no particular order) 1. The BEST bootstompin’, two-steppin’, line dancing crowd i’ve seen in a long time. Burning holes in the dance floor till the wee hours of the morn 2. Harley’s emotional greeting of his family and friend immediately following the wedding. 3. the dinner TRIANGLE that guest got to wail on to get Kim + Har to kiss 4. Kentucky Moonshine shots (read Harley’s homemade apple pie) 5. Watching Kim ditch her high heels for wool socks and her boots ; )

BIG thanks to Liza who took on the role of the lead photographer so that I could embrace the ‘maids role when I needed too, your the best!

Friends + Family – if you would like to place an order for prints or view K + H’s entire gallery of images click on the PRINT SHOP tab in the menu above. The PASSWORD is married (if logging in from a computer) OR 62b7 (if logging in from a hand held device)


Now if you haven’t already…(in my very best Kentucky accent) ya’ll better grab a tissh-yu-Ah (read tissue) because some of yaaa’ll are bound to come undone.


Brides Dress – Viva Bridal, Kamloops

Bridesmaid Dresses – Weddington Way

Hair – Ally Health + Beauty

Makeup – Strut beauty + Design

Flowers – Art Knapp, Kamloops

Stationary – Modern Invitations

Catering – Olena + Lenny Johnson

Decorations- LOVE sign – Highberry Dew: a Design House

                        – Props + Tables – Rusty Nail Home Decor + Events by Kate







  1. Tacy R   –  

    Looooooooove – in BIG lit-up letters! I LOOOOOVED it! I wish I had been at this one with ya’ll! Just fabulous! Kim, your details were outstanding (nice styling, all involved!). Congratulations you two…… and LEEEEEZ ya nailed it! XO

  2. Becky   –  

    magic worker behind the camera and gorgeous babe in front of it! Well done on the double duty!! What a gorgeous wedding!

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